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Welcome to Shri Darbar

'LOVE' - the greatest thing in the world and the greatest power known to man. This signifies that man's greatest need is to love and be loved. With the help of this website, God gave me the command to share this wonderful truth with you all around the world.

Do good and good will come back to you. Listen to your soul, identify the difference between right and wrong, and then see. Life will become a beautiful experience to you.

Shri Sewa : The spirit of service

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others", greatly said by Mahatma Gandhi. Seva is not a compulsory duty, it should happen naturally to serve others . Sometimes, several questions arise in our mind that, Why and What do we need if we do seva? Do we need .... Money? Material?

And the answer is as honest-to-goodness, it is done.... just to refine our mind that we should do seva; to remove the adulteration, foulness,etc. As purity leads to unity, which finally leads to divinity. That is...

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Blue waves, infinite like the blue sky, is as powerful and vast as it covers the universe. The sky of goodness has covered us as stronger as the gravity, we just need to let it hold us. And then just like the gravity doesnt lets us fall, the positive energy would keep us tight and powerful in the world. Here, at Shri Darbar , feel the energy and spread it!

Belief : Dedication towards anything

Belief is a small word. which has a very very deep meaning. Faith, belief trust are the same words which we use to show our dedication towards anything. When we say we have faith in GOD. We means we truly, completely devote ourselves to the almighty. When we think that the God is always here for us, we must have faith in all his deeds. He is fearless, powerful and above everything. We.. when we bestow in front of him and believe that he is going to help us. He does. . Not by himself but by sending…

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