Our Motive

Our basic motive is to spread the message of UNITY entire world, unity among the mankind. We treat each and every creature of that almighty alike without any religious, caste and creed, linguistic barriers.

Our young generation, our future is in doldrums today. To name a few: drugs, murders, clashes among youngsters have become a quite common now-a-days. They are not ready to concede the moral values given to them by their parents. The so-called generation gap is slowly eating up the roots of our social system like iron is eaten up by rust. If the present scenario will continue, then the doomsday of earth is for sure not so far.

The young generation is entrapped in this web of bad habits to an extent that if something would not be done soon then it would become very difficult to save the future of this earth. This joint effort will surely help to jump another rung on the success ladder of spreading the message of brotherhood all over the world.

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