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He is almighty... Our creator... Our lord...
He is the one who holds the strings of all our worldly cords. Everyone with a beating heart worships his fame So why, why to crown him with different names.

From a small insect to a giant creature, from an unborn child to the one with silver locks, he is omnipresent; in you, in me, everywhere..!! He is the creator of this beautiful universe; yes, the universe of which we are a part of. Human race is quite familiar to his fact.This is the reason that humans have worshiped that supernatural power since times unknown.

Our earth shelters a diversity of religions in her lap. Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Janis, Buddhists are some of the religions that preach to worship almighty god. We all are blessed with numerous ways to be grateful to that supernatural power.

I am sure that something clicks into our minds in the above sentence and that is blessed. Am I right ? Yes, because the present scenario is being witnessed by each and everyone residing on this earth. Brutal-ism, clashes on the name of religion is being witnessed by everyone from young to old. People do not even shy to lay their own countrymen in pools of blood on the name of religion.

Shall we all sit with folded hands and watch our brothers and sisters falling prey to these religious wars? No, certainly not. Writing all this on a piece of paper is not going to crown a full stop to these ongoing disasters. Every single brick contributes to the full fledged accomplishment of the house; so here we are with a small initiative to gather all our brothers and sisters under one shelter without any caste and linguistic barriers. Come, join hands with us and give a strong, combined opposition to all these religious wars. Share your views, your knowledge that hoists a supporting flag to save of save our motherland from these religious wars.

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