Festival of Colours - Holi Special

  Mar  03/02/2018

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As the winter ends, the beginning of the spring marks the singing of cuckoos, the budding of tender leaves on plants and trees, the blossoming of many varieties of beautiful, colourful, fragrant flowers. And to celebrate the commencement of this inspiring freshness, traditionally people in India and now in many parts of world shower each other with natural, colourful powders and dyes. Culturally HOLI represent Welcoming of the spring season and every day in our life can be a Holi as well. When we are willing to leave the cold, chilly winters of our yesterdays, of our past, behind. And are willing to embrace the spring of the new freshness, the opportunities of today. Opportunities to renew our eagerness to learn right. Opportunities to revive our commitments to live well. Opportunities to rejuvenate our enthusiasm to love.

All these colours look so beautiful. So bright, so vibrant. Each one so unique, so different, so individual. And yet in the celebration of Holi when all the colours are showered they all become one. Philosophically, the festival of Holi signifies the very sacred principle of unity in diversity. Each one of us are so different, so individual, so unique. Bright and vibrant in our own ways and with all this diversity, we can become unified and one in our purpose. In our purpose to serve, to give, to share, to care and to contribute something of value together, in the lives of the people in this world.

Love can be expressed in so many different ways. Through kind words of praise. Through heartfelt actions of service. And also through light-hearted dealings of fun. Spiritually, the festival of Holi represents the love between the divine couple, Shri Radha and Shri Krishna, who on this day come together and express their pure love in a very playful, light-hearted way by showering each other with natural, beautiful, fragrant colours. Even to this day, in the holy land of Shri Vrindavan, the devotees of Radha and Krishna come together and have an excellent, fun-filled Holi festival by playfully showering each others with these natural colours. Spirituality doesn't have to be boring. It doesn't have to be dry and strenuous. It can be playful, joyful and yet extremely soulful.

I wish all of you a very playful, joyful, meaningful and a very soulful holi. With natural colours, respecting the ecology and the anvironment. And also respecting our health and our bodily needs.

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