Before Listening to others advice

  Aug  08/08/2018

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A vegetable vendor used a white board with the words "Fresh Vegetables Sold Here" to attract people to buy his vegetables. A man came up to him and said, "Simply by seeing we can tell that your vegetables are so fresh. why do you need to advertise them as fresh? Rub off the word fresh." The vendor did so, leaving behind the words "Vegetables Sold Here" on the board. Another man came up and said, "We know you are selling vegetables not fruits. Why don't you wipe off the word 'vegetables'?" The vendor complied. Left on the board now were two words - 'sold here'. After a while an elderly lady approached him and said, "If you are sitting in the market, you are not giving your veggies for free, are you? Take off that 'sold'." The vendor removed the 'Sold' and the white board had only one word left - 'Here'. A school boy passing by teased the vegetable seller saying, "Everyone in the world knows you are sitting here not there. why the 'here'?" The vegetable seller erased the last word making the white board clean and empty. Another person came and said, "Only a stupid man would keep such a nice, white board empty. Why don't you write something on it to advertise your vegetables?"

Everyone around us has an opinion to make. Everybody around us has a suggestion to offer. And most often with the best intentions! But if we end up listening to what everybody else has to say we may forget to do what we are inspired to do. What we are meant to do. In the noise of others suggestions and opinions DON'T LOSE YOUR VOICE, TAKE GOOD ADVICE But also learn the art of NAVIGATING Through that advice to follow your own JOURNEY.

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