Intercaste Marriages

01 / Aug / 2016
Intercaste Marriages

Intercaste marriages. .!!

Its a well known topic for all...but I am here to ask what does it mean ?

We , the people have created castes... ALMIGHTY didn't create all these castes and biased views on these castes.

We say proudly.. God is one..

Them why do we kill those people who has married someone from another caste on the name of caste or God...

Why do we discriminate on the basis of caste ?

Where has this mentality come from ?

People love each other... we can say all are one , God is one...

But when it come on marrying someone from another religion. . We become rigid, rude, biased and sometimes we become so called religiously dominating !!

Love someone is also a form of loving God.. we can never love God if we cannot love each other. ..

God has never taught us that we can never love someone out of our caste... he didnt made castes though. ..

He just wanted us to live harmoniously , by loving each other , by being there for each other. ..

But on the contrary, we kill all those people who has married Intercaste. ..we kill or boycott them from our so called societies. .. who are those in the society who decides that a girl can never love a boy from another caste... who are those people who kill or torture someone just because they have loved someone. ..

People should have their choice to love and to be loved , inside the caste or maybe outside the caste. .. doesn't matter at all...

Love has no boundations of caste ,color, religion , or any physical boundaries...

And marriage is made in heaven. .. so who are we to decide whether or not they can live together !!

Think before you act !

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