Belief : Dedication towards anything

09 / Sep / 2016
Belief : Dedication towards anything

Belief is a small word. which has a very very deep meaning. Faith, belief trust are the same words which we use to show our dedication towards anything. When we say we have faith in GOD. We means we truly, completely devote ourselves to the almighty. When we think that the God is always here for us, we must have faith in all his deeds. He is fearless, powerful and above everything. We.. when we bestow in front of him and believe that he is going to help us. He does. . Not by himself but by sending some of his people. He is always there for us... if we believe. . If we don't. He is nowhere.

If there is God.. then why fear.If there is no God... then why do we talk about him. Have faith... on your belief. And trust the faith you have. Everything is for you and it will come to you. if its meant to be and if its not. its worthless thinking about :)

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