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Belief : Dedication towards anything

Belief is a small word. which has a very very deep meaning. Faith, belief trust are the same words which we use to show our dedication towards anything. When we say we have faith in GOD. We means we truly, completely devote ourselves to the almighty. When we think that the God is always here...

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Harmandir sahib
Harmandir sahib

Gurudwara harmandir sahib(abode of guru). ..

Basically lnown as "Golden Temple" ... a well known pilgrimage for sikhs...made in 1574..

Sikh?? Who are sikhs ?

Sikhs are the disciples of Guru Nanak Dev ji...

Sikh means, someone who is willing to learn something....

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Intercaste Marriages
Intercaste Marriages

Intercaste marriages. .!!

Its a well known topic for all...but I am here to ask what does it mean ?

We , the people have created castes... ALMIGHTY didn't create all these castes and biased views on these castes.

We say proudly.. God is one..

Them why do we kill those...

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